Mosaic tiles are a category of tile that are one of the most versatile; coming in various shapes, sizes, and colors, you can instantly transform a space with their presence. Today we uncover the right mosaic options for main living spaces. 

Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Tiles 

Cloudburst Free Form Cracked Joint Brick Marble Tile, Polished used as kitchen wall backsplash
Design By: The Coastal Home | Featured Tile: Cloudburst Free Form Cracked Joint Brick Marble Tile

Kitchen backsplashes are probably one of the most recognizable spots for mosaic tiles. The reason is simple: Mosaic wall tiles usually come in mesh-backing sheets which makes coverage of surface area easier. With so many styles available, flexibility in design is also a major perk to mosaic tile backsplashes. 

When it comes to the specific type of mosaics welcomed in a kitchen backsplash, there are a few primary types that you may want to consider: 

Mirror Mosaic Tiles: A more chic, resolutely glam option, mirror mosaics add a sense of movement and depth to your kitchen. It’s no wonder that they make a great choice for smaller spaces.

Hexagon Mosaic Tiles: A perfect match for any contemporary space, hexagon mosaics create a distinct edge to your space while keeping spatial efforts sound.

Tile Pattern Mosaics: Crafting a pattern with mosaics is truly an art form, and something that’s possible with the hand of a professional installer. You can create scenes or still life portraits with the use of color mosaic tiles. Keep in mind, while beautiful, this is the more costly option for you.

Mosaic Bathroom Tiles 

Nabi Arabesque Tundra Marble & Ceramic Tile shown as a shower tile
Design By: Robyn Bergman | Featured Tile: Nabi Arabesque Blue Tile

Another popular area where mosaic tiles are commonly used is the bathroom. This style works well both in the shower or as a backsplash behind a bathroom vanity

Here are some of the featured areas in the bathroom and the mosaics that work best for them:

In The Shower –  

Glass Mosaic Tile: Glass mosaics are flawlessly made for the shower, where the rush of water reflects off their surface giving a sense of fluidity and movement. 

Van Gogh Mosaic Tile: A more abstract, art-forward mosaic type, Van Gogh tiles are captivating and make a momentous impact on any design. Featuring swirls of colors, an almost metallic look, and incomparable shine, they’re for those who love a sense of stylish curiosity. 

Stone Look Mosaic Tile: The stone look can be yours at a lower cost thanks to some fantastic porcelain options. These beauteous pieces create the same sophistication tied to the real thing just with more durability and less upkeep. Perfect for a timeless shower design.

Note: One beautiful option for your bathroom’s shower is marble mosaics, but you should keep in mind that this type is less ideal for wet areas, since it’s porous. It’ll require more in depth maintenance and sealing

As A Bathroom Backsplash – 

Monochrome Mosaic Tiles: Create a uniformed backsplash in your bathroom with a bold color pop. With a myriad of options, from blue to green to yellow, you’re sure to find the ideal style for your space.

Micro Subway Mosaic Tile: With the appearance of subway tile on a far smaller scale, these mosaics create a contemporary twist on a traditional look.

Mosaic Floor Tiles  

Nova Lynx Hexagon Marble Polished Mosaic Tile
Design By: Rajni Alex Design | Featured Tile: Nova Lynx Marble Tile

With so many options for floor tiles, it can be easy to forget that mosaics are a suitable option. To help reinvigorate inspiration in this department, we’ve listed the types that work well in a few key living areas below. 

Wood Look Mosaic Tiles: 

Wood look mosaic tile work extremely well for kitchen floors or even outdoor patio areas. With a natural touch and realistic feeling, they create a warming ambiance and traditional sense. 

Stone Look Mosaic Tiles: 

As said earlier, stone look mosaics are extremely durable and low maintenance which makes them the perfect match for floors. Add to kitchen floors, bathroom floors, mudrooms, or patios to create a sense of timelessness.

Mosaic Fireplace Tiles 

Lotus Ivory Tusk Marble & Glass Polished Mosaic Tile used around a fireplace in Livingroom
Design By: Debbie S | Featured Tile: Lotus Ivory Glass + Stone Tile

One of the more rare design placements, but one that should be mentioned, is mosaics on fireplaces. They can act as a trim around the perimeter or mantle of the fireplace; or be the star of the whole design. 

This is a wrap on what to keep in mind when you choose mosaic tile for the main areas in your home! Be sure to browse all of our mosaic options to find the perfect fit for your space today.