There are many ways to bring a kitchen to life; one of the easiest ones is to install new ceramic or porcelain kitchen floor tiles. With a myriad of options, it’s easy to find a custom kitchen tile design fit for your client. Today we’ll review the 10 best kitchen tile ideas to give you a springboard of inspiration. 

Marble Look Kitchen Floor Tiles

One of the timeless kitchen floor ideas to offer your clients is marble. Though it can be pricey, thanks to modern advancements in porcelain tile, you can grab the marble look for them at a budget-friendly price point. 

White Kitchen Floor Tiles

Next up is the always chic, distinct, white kitchen flooring. This is a mainstay for a reason: You have freedom to play up design in other areas. Whether that be with colorful cabinetry or marble counters, it helps to seamlessly blend all aspects of the space together. If you want something a little different than plain white tile, consider a pebble floor tile design in neutral tones. The subtle texture and natural shapes can add visual interest while still keeping the floor light and airy. With a pebble floor as your base, you can then build up color and personality through paint, appliances, decor, and more.

Black Kitchen Floors

A great idea for any clients that have pets or are always entertaining, black floor tiles require minimal maintenance. What’s more, they add an instant sense of depth and contemporary style wherever they’re placed thanks to their classically moody motif.

Black and White Kitchen Floor Tiles

Nothing creates a dapper image more so than black and white tiles do. As mesmerizing as they are elevating, they add instant appeal to any space. Black and white kitchen floor tile patterns are a guaranteed hit for clients that are slightly hesitant about “trendiness”, but would like to create a unique atmosphere for their kitchen. 

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Patterned Kitchen Floors

If your client seeks a slight twist on traditional pattern floor tiles are the way to go. Their subtle color contrasts and unique motifs create an instantly intriguing kitchen. 

Hexagon Kitchen Floors

Few things match the modernistic appeal of hexagon floor tiles. One of the best kitchen floor tile styles for a truly unparalleled design. 

Encaustic Look Floors

Encaustic look porcelain has been trending in recent years for its one-of-a-kind aesthetic. It creates an instantly chic atmosphere and can either be styled up with more robust decor accents or be the stand out piece.

Blue Floor Tiles

Blue is intrinsically soothing and serene with its oceanic look and traditional feeling. It’s the perfect style for modern kitchen floor tiles. 

Green Floor Tiles

Green floor tiles add an earthy-neutral feeling to any space. Plus, if you have a green pattern, as seen here, you can really bring to life an otherwise stale looking kitchen.

Wood Look Kitchen Floor Tiles

Wood Look Floor Tiles Design By: Vanessa Deleon
Design By: Vanessa Deleon

Superior at crafting a design that beats the test of time, wood look floor tiles are great for clients craving a more traditional space.

From the more plain and modern kitchen floor tiles, to something with a more intricate design, such as a mosaic or patterned tile, here at Tilebar we have a wide variety of tiles perfect to help you find the best tiles for kitchen floors.

Seek out the perfect tile for your design today; upload your client’s space to our Room Visualizer and see in real-time how it’ll look.