If you’re seeking some inspiration, allow our TileBar Mood series to help you out. We aim to provide you with overall style ideas to get your design juices flowing, and make your next project have a bit of a clearer vision.

When it comes to combining materials, it seems like there are two that intrinsically go together: marble tile and brass accents.

White Carrara Hexagon Tile used in bathroom for a wall backsplash
White Carrara Hexagon Tile

What’s the reason behind this, you wonder? Well, natural stone has been used for centuries as a luxurious building component. It can be seen in the most time tested designs from The Washington Monument to the Tower of Pisa. In short, it is forever embedded in our minds as being both timeless and sophisticated.

As for brass, that one is easy. There is something elegant about a touch of metallic in any design. It brings about a sense of opulence without the cost. It has been trending recently thanks to its ability to work well in Art Deco designs as well as in more modern designs. The versatility of this piece is endless.

So, why do these work together and form a love story? Well, for one, the two are opposites that make sense when placed side by side. The brass creates a stark contrast to the marble, thereby creating a captivating design. The two also play off of their natural charms with the sparkle of the brass elevating the veining of the marble. Needless to say, they make a good looking pair.

Let’s talk about how-to achieve this look. Below we’ve added a moodboard with both brass and marble to showcase how easy it is to build this pairing into a look with a few easy steps.

Marble and Brass tile examples next to towel hooks and toilet roll holders / hangers to show colour pallet

Step 1.

Decide on your cabinetry first. Do you want a lighter wood (shown above) or something darker? Once you decide that, it’s time to move to fixtures with the accenting.

Step 2.

Choose the best brass accent for your design. Are you someone who wants a full pull drawer? Then we suggest something like what’s pictured above – a handle with brass accents on either ends. But if you’re someone who would rather a more original look, then a circular, hanging pull would do the trick!

Step 3.

Now that you have your accents chosen, it’s time for the tile! If you opted for a more traditional fixture, mix things up and use a dramatic marble tile like our large format Prism Verdone Marble Tile. if you’re on a budget, you may opt for something that is a marble look porcelain – it will give the same feel of the natural tile without the cost such as Marble Tech Port Laurent .

Step 4.

Go on, and design!

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