Historically, peel and stick tiles have been a mixed bag in terms of value, aesthetic, and overall quality of finish. Our Tilebar Luxury Peel & Stick Tiles, however, are not your typical example. Blending commitment-free design with high-quality materials and finishes, our tiles elevate this fast fix from flimsy to fabulous.

What Are Luxury Peel & Stick Tiles Made From?

Rather than traditional peel and stick tiles which tend to be made from vinyl with foam or plastic backing, our TileBar Luxury Peel & Stick Tiles are made from a stone plastic composite (SPC). This revolutionary material has far superior durability than its predecessors while still maintaining an ease of installation. 

The benefit of SPC is that your Luxury Peel & Stick Tiles will have a more authentic look for your projects where time and budget are in short supply. You also receive the added bonus of a more hard-wearing surface than if you’d used a lesser-quality peel and stick tile. 

What Types of Looks Are Available?

TileBar Luxury Peel & Stick Tiles come in a variety of styles and shapes that can help you achieve any desired look for your quick home project:

Where Can Luxury Peel & Stick Tiles Be Used?

TileBar Luxury Peel & Stick Tile is almost as versatile as standard tile and, with the added convenience of do-it-yourself installation, you can easily customize both large and small spaces throughout your home.

Luxury Peel & Stick Tile is ideal for backsplash tiling and makes for an easy-to-use, modern update without the need for turning to professionals for expensive help. A design like the Calacatta Hexagon remains wildly popular for backsplashes. This classic marble pattern is combined with one of the most familiar shapes in nature, a hexagon. We see hexagons in honeycomb, crystals, snowflakes, animal shells, and more, but the modern design has also embraced this shape. Using a hexagon pattern offers a great way to add both a natural and contemporary element to your tile design.

While they’re not suited for use in the shower or other submerged wet areas, these tiles can be used in bathrooms and can bring all the benefits of a standard tile. The cement looks Railroad Silver or the Mother of Pearl Mosaic are great examples of how you can use high-quality Luxury Peel & Stick Tiles to replicate a traditional aesthetic with ease.

The ease of installation also allows for your tile applications to break free from the traditional bathroom and kitchen tile areas. You can bring a contemporary look to an office, living room, or hallway with something like the Railroad in Dark Grey for a hard-wearing, industrial look and feel to any space. How about adding durability and visual interest to your drop zones or laundry areas with Tether Silver, or creating a beautiful dining room wainscot with Calacatta Herringbone? Your design possibilities are endless with Luxury Peel & Stick Tiles!

How Do You Install Luxury Peel & Stick Tiles?

One of the main benefits of TileBar Luxury Peel & Stick Tiles is that you’re able to easily install it yourself, without the need for a lot of preparation and maintenance. In just six simple steps, you’re ready to enjoy a beautifully tiled space with our Luxury Peel & Stick Tiles.

We’ll walk you through the installation steps for a better understanding of how quick and easy Luxury Peel & Stick tiles can be for a quick do-it-yourself project. We’ve also included some extra tips to help with your success!