Let’s walk through the installation steps for a better understanding of how quick and easy Luxury Peel & Stick tiles can be for a quick do-it-yourself project. We’ve also included some extra tips to help with your success!

Before You Start:
Wear safety glasses and protective gear when performing any installation, even for something as easy as Luxury Peel & Stick. Cutting tile and working with tools is fun, but make sure to protect people, pets, and your favorite furniture and spaces. We want everyone to safely enjoy your beautiful tile project!

Measure Twice, Order Once
Make sure that you order enough tiles to be able to make cuts and fit patterns. Many tiles only require around 5% extra material, but more intricate patterns can require more. Feel free to contact TileBar with your dimensions to make sure that you order enough for success!

Step 1: Clean & Prepare
Ensure that the wall or surface where you will be installing the tile is smooth and even. Use a damp sponge to wipe the surface to remove any remaining dust or debris and allow to air dry.

Step 2: Measure
Without removing the peel-away backing, lay out the tiles in the desired pattern. Measure the pattern and then mark on the wall or surface the location of where you would like to install, using a level to help make a straight line.

Step 3: Cut Tiles
If it is necessary to cut a tile to fit it into your design, measure the tile and mark it using a straight edge. Cut the tile using a saw. Please note that there may be more than one type of tile in a single mosaic pattern, so use caution when cutting an uneven surface.

Step 4: Apply Soapy Water
Use a sponge or spray bottle to apply a thin layer of soapy water to the wall or surface to be tiled to allow for more time to place and adjust a sheet of tile.

Step 5: Peel & Stick
Remove the peel-away backing from the tile and place it in the desired location on the wall or surface. When all the tiles are in place, press firmly to ensure that the mosaic tile sheets have a strong bond to the wall or surface. 

Step 6: Grout (if Required)
Most Luxury Peel & Stick tiles do not require grout thanks to their seamless design. If the tile does require grout, however, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation.

Luxury Peel & Stick tiles are a great solution when you are looking to add the style and durability of tile with a quick installation that you can do yourself. Now that you know how easy installing this tile can be, take a look at these collections to find your next project.