The fireplace has been considered the heart of the home for centuries. Its ability to provide heat during winter months, and in the past, be a source for cooking food, has led it to being synonymous with comfort. It’s no wonder that as a result people are drawn to making the appearance of their fireplace an extension of their overall interior design plan.

Within recent times, it has become the norm to decorate fireplaces with not just stone, but materials like tile to create a livable, and unique atmosphere. Plus, tile is a non-flammable choice which means it’s more than just pretty, it’s safe. Win-win.

To show how the use of tile can make a world of difference to your fireplace, we’ve rounded up our top designs that add a touch of personality to the home they are found in!

A Little Luxury

Matrix Trapezoid Marble and Brass Tile example in fireplace
Design By: Haus of Design | Shop Featured Tile: Matrix Marble Brass Tile

What makes a fireplace’s appeal heighten? Just ask the folks over at Haus of Design who dreamed up this amazing, and luxurious creation with our Matrix Brass and Marble Tile. Featuring a gold-embellished, Versace pencil liner, it screams fashionable affluence. The way the fireplace tile blends in with the rest of the home’s modern, contemporary feel is exactly why it made it in our list of 5 swoon-worthy fireplaces.

Quirky Appeal

Nabi Valor Glacier White Ceramic Tile Fireplace example
Design By: Beyond Gray | Shop Featured Tile: Nabi Valour Glacier White Tile

When modern meets chic, you get this design by Beyond Gray. The fun white, 3-Dimensional fireplace tile beautifully blends in with the coastal gray mantel. Complemented by a natural wooden stool layered with colorful books, golden touches, and a lovely plant, this fireplace is far from dull. Plus, the contrast between our Nabi Valor Glacier Tile and the blue shag rug makes the design. Just one of many contemporary fireplace tile ideas to incorporate into your home!

Sophisticated Statuario

Versilia Statuario Polished 32x32 Porcelain Tile
Design By: Sand Dollar Development | Shop Featured Tile: Versilia Statuario Polished Tile

If your approach to living spaces is more of a classic one, then you’re sure to fall for this fireplace tile design by Sand Dollar Development. Featuring Versilia Statuario Polished Tile this natural stone covering makes waves against the wooden floor and white walls. Timeless as it is captivating, this would be the ideal tile for fireplace design to cozy up to in the winter with cup of hot cocoa.

Cosmopolitan Flair

Boreal Foundry Black 24x48 Artisan Decor Porcelain Wall Tile
Design By: Shanit Daniel | Shop Featured Tile: Boreal Foundry Black Tile

Embrace the unexpected. That’s the motto of this scenic living room designed by Shanit Daniel that features a magnificently posh fireplace that’s covered in our Boreal Foundry Black Tile. Mixing together a grittiness of industrialism with the golden shine of glamour, this tile stands out among the more natural elements in this home’s design.

Boho Chic

kelli ellis thira marble and mirror marble and glass tile
Design By: Cali Girl Indi World | Shop Featured Tile: Kelli Ellis Thira Marble + Mirror Tile

This quirky, femme-loving living room by CaliGirlIndiWorld features our stunning, basket-weave Kelli Ellis Mirror and Marble tile above the mantel. Thanks to the eclectic assortment of décor pieces from plant vases to a golden deer head, it’s the perfect example of bohemian chic living done right.

Say Ciao To The Cold

Bella Moma 9x9 Porcelain Encaustic Tile used in Fireplace
Design By: Savvy Interiors | Shop Featured Tile: Bella Moma Encaustic Porcelain Tile

This contemporary living room by Savvy Interiors gets a touch of individuality with the Bella Moma Encaustic Tile covering the fireplace. With a blue and white body, it creates a much-needed color pop in the design.

Mirror Images

Reflection Revere Beveled Mirror Subway Tile for Wall example in fireplace
Design By: Kristin Collins Tracy | Shop Featured Tile: Reflection Revere Beveled Mirror Tile

This design proves that a little mirror tile can go a long way in creating a centerpiece for design. With its off-set lay pattern, the Reflection Revere Mirror Tile adds a sparkle to this fireplace.

Jet Set Into Warmth

A modern fireplace with Montauk Jet 4x4 Ceramic Wall Tile
Design By: Mojave Design Group | Shop Featured Tile: Montauk Jet 4×4 Tile

Spacious as it is striking, this fireplace design by Mojave Design Group is everything. The Montauk Jet Tile used complements the more chic aspects of the room, namely, the art deco inspired chandelier above. A true lesson in the power of coupling the right elements together.

Fancy Feels

Upscale Living Room With Helix Black & Gold Marble Tile Fireplace
Design By: Kate Milano | Shop Featured Tile: Helix Gold Tile

This super chic, upscale living room design by Kate Milano showcases a melding of textures and prints that form an enchanting space.

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