How earth-toned tiles can transform your home

Nothing beats color when it comes to creating a cozy and inviting home. We like earthy tones—yellow, terracotta, muted reds, gold, and beige—that call to mind sunny getaways and retreats that evoke a sense of comfort and serenity. Cozy colors are everywhere—from paint to pillows.

But it’s the craftsmanship and textural character of tile that brings their warmth into our homes in creative and impactful ways. It’s not surprising that architects and designers embrace warm-toned tiles; they’re incredibly versatile and can complement a wide array of design styles. Tiles with warmer undertones have a soothing and relaxing vibe that can transform spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms, where we start and end our days.

Take your inspiration from these collections:


Sun-kissed and sophisticated

Multiple formats add versatility to our Burgos collection. The extruded porcelain series features a variety of shapes, from brick to octagon. We love all three colorways, but Terracotta Brick may be our favorite, because of the way it casts a soft, terracotta glow in any space, large or small. The tile’s matte finish creates a textural, rustic look reminiscent of Tuscan villas. Bring sunny, classic, timeless charm to your home—from the kitchen to the patio.


Earthy elegance

The warm, red canyon color and fashionable format of our Parry tile in Clay Terracotta brings a cool, design-forward look to any space, even as its hue cozies things up. This refined ceramic tile takes its inspiration from the popular, scalloped fishscale and picket-shaped subway formats. Timeless, with a hint of Art Deco, the Spanish-made Parry is a playful alternative to the traditional subway. It brings a polished, yet informal look to backsplashes, baths, and feature walls.


Seeing red

Like genuine terracotta, our Clay porcelain tile collection makes you feel as though you’ve just stepped out into the sunshine. The Grace Red colorway is a warm take on large-format concrete tile, with its deep red hue and resin-like satin matte finish. Enhanced with spicy undertones of burnt orange, the cozy shade features subtle color variations. It’s a surprisingly perfect complement to sleek and sophisticated finishes and furnishings.


A shore thing

Instantly warm up with Montauk, a ceramic tile with a smooth, satin finish inspired by lazy summer weekends at the shore. Its creamy seashell hue is accentuated by a captivating handmade look. There’s something brilliant about this subway tile—is it that a little bit of shimmer? Whether you have a home on the coast, or just wish you did, Montauk warms up a room like a ray of sunshine.


Go for the gold

Our Amulet large-format tile in laminated porcelain is an exquisite interpretation of industrial glamour. In Mist Gold, it pairs the allure of dazzling gold with a warm, down-to-earth finish. Each tile is crafted using an advanced technology system to coat a porcelain surface with thin layers of titanium. The result: a gorgeous, burnished gold tone with a subtle metallic shine that’s perfect for a statement wall. Sized at an impressive 18-by-36 inches, Amulet offers a bold, cohesive look that can add drama to any space.


Terrazzo revival

Chips is a handcrafted porcelain collection made in Italy to mimic the look of timeless terrazzo. Made from fragments of earthenware, marble, and glass, the Macro Terracotta Coral colorway has a distinctive look. Its speckled pattern is created by a unique blend of colors and textures. It’s the perfect complement to natural materials like wood and stone. Try it on a rooftop, terrace, screened-in porch, or powder room. This tile warms up a space without compromising the simplicity of a neutral color palette.


Whether you lean toward traditional or modern, or somewhere in between, tile has the power to create a spellbinding accent wall or warm up a cool, stainless-steel kitchen. Warm tones can work magic when combined with a unique format or unexpected texture or pattern. Get started on your one-of-a-kind design here.