One of the ever-popular tiles as of late are hexagon tiles. Versatile, and fundamentally stylish, they serve as great options across a myriad of rooms. We’ll cover all the areas you can place hexagon tiles, in hope you’ll find the perfect fit for your next project today. 

Whether it be marble hexagon tile to porcelain hexagon tile or black hexagon tile to mosaic hexagon tile, there are a variety of colors, materials, looks, applications and design options for hexagonal tiles. This is what makes them such a modern and popular choice.

Hexagon Tiles For Kitchen Backsplash

Lori Dennis Flores Azure Hex Ceramic Tile on kitchen wall and as backsplash for stove top
Design By: HW Interiors | Featured Tile: Lori Dennis Flores Azure Hex Ceramic Tile

We’d be remiss if we didn’t first cover the kitchen backsplash. This key area in a kitchen plays a definitive role in the overall design, and the use of hexagon tile patterns only furthers its impact. 

When it comes to choosing a hexagon for the backsplash, there are a few options that would work well: 

White Hexagon Tile: With its contemporary chic body, this tile will instantly upgrade any space. If you’d like the color of your backsplash to blend in a little more, then choosing white is the way to go to achieve a timeless-yet-trendy appearance. 

Glass Hexagon Tile: The reflective surface of glass tile makes any kitchen space look instantly inviting and a hexagon shape provides a modern edge that is both stylish as it is timeless. 

Blue Hexagon Tile: An underrated color, blue, works well in most kitchen areas since it creates a color pop that’s not too bold and adds depth.

Hexagon Tiles For Laundry Rooms 

Exagoni Dimension 3D Hexagon Blanco Matte Ceramic Wall Tile used in utility room on the wall above the counter tops
Design By: Go Go Susie | Featured Tile: Exagoni Dimension 3D Blanco Matte Ceramic Wall Tile

If we had to guess, style is probably the last word that comes to mind when describing your laundry room. However, with the addition of hexagon tile, you’ll be able to rewrite that thought instantly. 

Here are some styles of the geometric chic tile that work well here: 

3D Hexagon Tile: Create a sense of dimension and uncapped interest by placing a 3D version of this tile on your laundry room walls. It’ll add a playful, fashionable edge to an otherwise mundane room.

Black and White Hexagon Tile: A traditional combination like black-and-white can create a backsplash that is clean, fresh, and cool without much design risk.

Hexagon Tile Bathroom Walls 

Cavallo Fiji 7" Hexagon Porcelain Tile used as feature wall in bathroom
Design By: Mike Simpson | Featured Tile: Cavallo Fiji 7″ Hexagon Porcelain Tile

Much like a kitchen backsplash, the tile you decorate your bathroom walls with paints a story for the rest of the space. Since there are so many color options, it’ll be a seamless process to find a look that works best for your bathroom: 

Gray Hexagon Tile: A subtly stylish color, gray, can work well for a bathroom wall that seeks to have minimal spotlight in design. The hexagon shape will add fluidity, but the gray tone will allow other aspects of the room to take the lead. 

Elongated Picket Hexagon: An elongated picket hexagon tile creates a twist on the traditional hexagon, with a thinner, longer body. It mimics the look of a “picket fence” and creates an astounding design.

Hexagon Floor Tiles 

Paige Antracite 10" Hexagon Matte Cement Look Porcelain Tile used as kitchen floor with white grout to show a contrast
Design By: Mike Simpson | Featured Tile: Paige Antracite 10″ Hexagon Matte Cement Look Porcelain Tile

Last, but not least, we have floor tiles. Hexagon tiles work well in any space that wants to add a sense of depth or movement.  

In The Kitchen

If you’re a fan of keeping things interesting, placing a hexagon floor tile in your kitchen is the way to go. 

For those that want to create a more timeless space, try using a marble hexagon tile on the floor, since it’ll have a modern edge but the sophistication expected of stone. 

If you’re more of the adventurous type, try a cement look black hexagon tile. It’ll add a distinct, urban feeling into your kitchen’s design. 

In The Bathroom: 

So many options for your bathroom, it may seem hard to narrow it all down! Fear not, it’s not that hard. 

A pure white hexagon tile can work well on the floors here to brighten up a smaller space, or even a powder room. 

You can also use a color, patterned porcelain hexagon on the floors to create a fashionable statement, and play with more toned down elements elsewhere to let it pop.