With the new year arriving, our team took a moment to gather the major tile trends in store for the tile world in 2020. We noticed this year, statement tile will be all the rage. From oversized waterjets to beautiful porcelains that mimic precious gemstones, luxury and unique form triumph. Excitement is palpable in announcing what’s to come as there is a great diversity in trends this year. Read on and learn about them all! (Want to learn what the trends of 2019 were? Check those out here).


Like luminous stones found in jewelry, precious gemstones will find their way into homes, restaurants, apartment complexes, and more. Made from rich, deep hues that mimic some of the world’s most ethereal pieces, these tiles will satiate any space’s craving for a unique touch.

Get The Gem Look:


Color your walls with beautiful blooms this year as one of the leading trends spotted is decorative floral patterns. From playful, botanical-based prints to wild, canopy-inspired prints, there is something that will suit everyone’s taste-buds.

A few floral looks to inspire you:


There will be an uptick in modern hues across bathroom tile trends 2020 and floor tile trends in 2020. What consists of a modern hue? Think romantic pinks, vivacious green-blues, and mixed palettes. Make your next space bright as can be. 

View our favorite modern hues:


If you’re someone who likes variety, this next 2020 tile trend will fill your fancy. The patterns that will get the most attention are ones that have dozens (or in the case of Elizabeth Sutton’s collection, hundreds) of unique lay patterns at their disposal. No longer will you be stuck in a loop of simplicity, you can create an individualized look endlessly with these tiles.

Here’s the latest in versatile patterns:


Regular waterjets are captivating enough, but when you make them on a large scale? Well, they become a force of design. With beautifying marble materials, and stunning patterns, they can captivate even the smallest spaces. They may be the last on our list, but they are definitely one of the most exciting. 

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