Wood is one of the most popular design materials out there: it’s functional, it’s versatile, and most of all – it brings with it an inherent quality of warm, natural beauty. From rustic cabins in the woods to modern industrial-style lofts, wood provides the perfect balance between simple and bold, with a dominant, signature look that can easily fit any style or décor without overwhelming it.

However, in a design world that seeks more and more sustainability, durability, and performance, real wood does not always make the cut. Hardwood floors require a lot of maintenance, and like any natural material, have a short lifespan and sometimes unpredictable hiccups. In recent years, designers and architects have been looking for ways to incorporate the coveted look of wood in unique and creative ways while addressing challenges of sustainability and endurance.

Then came wood look porcelain tile.

Combining the ever-evolving technological advancements in the porcelain industry with this material’s unmatched performance and longevity, wood look tiles provide rich wood look surfaces in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes. From textured, grainy, and realistic planks to polished-finished mosaics that exceed what real wood can look like, wood look porcelain tile opened a whole new world of design possibilities.

Silkwood Walnut Brown 8x48 Matte Porcelain

Get Inspired: Designing with Wood Look Tile

Once you get acquainted with all the different types, finishes, colors, and size formats of wood grain porcelain tile – it’s time to get inspired. The fusion of natural wood look with one of the most durable and versatile materials out there, porcelain, allows for new and innovative designs.

Remember what you know about wood flooring. Then double it in color, pattern, installation type, and even texture. Let’s take the next step with some wood look porcelain tile design ideas for your next design project.

Pattern Party

Most wood look porcelain tiles come in a plank format at a standard size of 6” x 48”. Wood plank porcelain tile reinforces a realistic wood look, especially in flooring, and allows for the recreation of some of the most common patterns for hardwood floors: herringbone, chevron, parquet, and the basic staggered look.

However, the use of porcelain allows for new possibilities to emerge when it comes to patterns. Large-format hexagons, diamond patterns, and intricate mosaics introduce the classic wood pattern in fresh and new ways. This new approach to wood invites innovative styles and designs, incorporating wood look like a decorative, eye-catching, element in

Color Splash

While natural wood can be dyed, cut, and polished, there is a limit to how much you can manipulate this relatively soft natural material. Porcelain allows for experimentation with colors, finishes, and textures, reinventing the classic wood look with mixing and matching.

With porcelain, distressed wood look porcelain tiles can be easily incorporated with a modern color such as blue and purple. The result can be dynamic and stylized while maintaining the intrinsic warmth and depth of wood look.

Wood Look Everywhere

Natural wood is usually used only on flooring, or low-traffic spaces. While wood is relatively durable, it requires a lot of maintenance and isn’t recommended for use in spaces that are often wet, experience extreme temperature changes, or have very high traffic.

Porcelain, on the other hand, is one of the most durable design materials out there. With high-firing technology and sophisticated glazes, it is non-scratchable, water and chemical resistant, easy to clean, and extremely hard.

Wood look porcelain tiles introduce the timeless look of wood to places where wood was never installed before: seen in kitchen backsplashes, shower walls, and even kitchen counters and fireplaces. Thanks to porcelain, for the first time in design history, wood look can be one of the most flexible and versatile elements in a space.

Preserving its status as a timeless classic – wood is still a dominating look in contemporary interior design, only now it can be durable, long-lasting, and more creative than ever. Let your creativity flow with the infinite possibilities of wood look porcelain tile, and transform your space into a warm, authentic, and high-end interior at any condition.