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Can you tile over tile? - Tilebar

Can You Tile Over Tile?

A lot of people dread the thought of replacing tiles because they fear that it will be a large, costly job. However, the truth of it is that you can usually tile over your old tiles, and it can be just the thing to revitalize…

Tilebar Tile Samples

How To Buy Tiles Online

Why Buy Tiles Online? Online shopping has become second nature to most of us in recent years, especially with 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic meaning that most of us are more comfortable shopping online than in person for our products. For some of us, it…

Cracked Grout - Tilebar

Why Tile Grout Cracks

While it may have been a utilitarian need for tile installation in the past, now grout is an additional design element that can heighten the appearance of your space. Yet, as many homeowners know, in time, the beautiful grout they placed becomes dirty and in…

DIY Tile Backsplash -

DIY: Tile Tips For Tiling Your Home

Today we will cover how you can DIY tile your home and will share tips to help you understand how to best approach each area of your home. Kitchen Backsplash Tiling Tips One of the easiest DIY tile projects is tiling a backsplash. This space…