When it comes to your bathroom, things don’t have to be traditional or the same-old-same. Thanks to many advancements in the tile industry, you can create a completely individual, unique bathroom design. Don’t believe us? Well, today we rounded up 6 different designs to show just how pretty things can get. From bathroom tiles for the floor to bathroom wall tile designs, you’ll see it all.

Bathroom Floors That Stun 

Bathroom floors don’t have to be plain jane. You can spruce things up with patterned bathroom tiles, or bring in a sense of luxurious lightness with white bathroom tiles. No matter what you choose, remember that choices are as endless as your creativity!

Modern Black and White Bathroom Tiles

Nothing screams contemporary cool more than this bathroom design. With its black and white encaustic bathroom tiles, you’re instantly pulled in and captivated. The porcelain floor choice is a perfect option for modern bathroom tiles. Plus, if you’re not one to go too bold, why not swap the blue subway tile for a classic white subway tile? That way you can   stay just a little out of your comfort zone.

Creamy White Bathroom Tile 

Using large marble tile in the bathroom is a great way to instantly elevate the space and provide a creamy white ambiance to it. The natural sophistication and unmatched elegance of this cream bathroom tile style really shines through and as can be seen here, amplifies the natural openness of the space.

Gray Textured Bathroom Tiles 

One of the easiest ways to add depth to your bathroom design is by using a bathroom tile with texture. The beautiful results of this are shown in the styled image. In choosing a tile that has a) a unique shape and b) a glazed texture,  you can showcase and create stunning effects. And this gray bathroom tile is a perfect example.

Bathroom Walls With A Wow Statement 

When it comes to bathrooms walls, tile provides a much-needed design touch. With a relatively simple application, when done by a professional or avid DIY-er, you can have an impactful bathroom tile design in no time. See below for 3 amazing examples of tile’s versatility in the bathroom.

Handmade-Look Square Tiles 

Montauk Gin 4x4 Ceramic Wall Tile shown on bathroom wall
Tile | Montauk Collection
Design By | Beautiful Space Co.

Just when you thought all you had at your disposal were rectangle bathroom tiles, it’s time to think again. Tiles come in all shapes and formats, and you’re not limited to standard subway looks. In fact, as you see in this gorgeous bathroom, a type of tile called Zelige provides a touch of coastal feeling to this light, and bright bathroom. Zellige is a tile that has a sheen and has a handmade feel to it.

Classical White Tiles

As much as we love the uniqueness that tile can provide in a space, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the intrinsic beauty and level of class that white bathroom tiles can in fact provide a bathroom. This is especially true in spaces, like the above, that have limited natural light. When you use white bathroom tile for small spaces, it helps to play up not only the size of it, but the feeling of openness. Thereby creating a luxury feeling without the cost!

Navy Bathroom Tiles 

Bella Moma 9x9 Porcelain Encaustic Tile shown on bathroom floor next to roll top bath. Floor or wall tile.
Tile | Bella Moma
Design By | Margaret of York

Want to create a soothing atmosphere? Well, blue tile does just that. As shown here, with just a touch of matching paint to dark blue bathroom tiles, you’re pretty much set. This design in particular has all the hygge vibes, and we’re all about it.

That’s a wrap on the 6 bathroom tile ideas for your next project! Hopefully you came away with a little inspiration.

See a style you like? Want to test it out in your space? Try our Room Visualizer out today. Realistic try on 100s of tiles from the comfort of your own home!

A sliding image showing different tiles on  kitchen floor.