Within the domain of interior design, the intricate balance between form and function assumes paramount importance in the conceptualization of compelling spatial arrangements. An exemplary design constituent that has perennially demonstrated its multifaceted adaptability and pronounced aesthetic influence is the hexagon tile. Characterized by their geometric elegance and intrinsic aptitude to elevate pedestrian surfaces into entrancing focal features, hexagon tiles have unequivocally solidified their status as an indispensable hallmark within the realm of modern interior design.

Hexagon tiles, commonly denoted as “hex tiles,” serve as an eloquent embodiment of the captivating fascination inherent within geometrical constructs. This hexagonal configuration, characterized by its six sides, encapsulates an innate capacity to invigorate interior spaces by virtue of its harmonious symmetry and meticulously structured refinement. Beyond being merely a geometric shape, the individual hexagon transcends into a fundamental entity that holds the potential to be artfully orchestrated in myriad configurations, thereby transmuting mundane surfaces into extraordinary tapestries of design innovation.

Calacatta Hexagon White Honed Marble Mosaic Tile

The Calacatta Hexagon White Honed Marble Mosaic Tile stands as a pinnacle of sophistication. Immaculately fashioned from the esteemed Calacatta marble, this tile presents a seamless fusion of white and gold veining, bestowing an aura of refined opulence upon every surface it graces. Ideally suited for accentuating accent walls and backsplashes, this mosaic imparts a lavish touch to contemporary interiors.

A contemplative gaze upon the Aspekt Hex Matte Calacatta Mosaic reveals a captivating array of intricate patterns- snowflakes, diamonds, and pie wedges, that gradually emerge. This untamed display of beauty finds its origin in the revered Calacatta marble, a perpetual favorite. Characterized by its timeless white hue adorned with exquisite white and gold veins, the Calacatta Mosaic exudes a profound allure. Suitable for accent walls, kitchen backsplashes, or bathroom walls, this mosaic tile beckons to be embraced in contemporary interiors, promising a gratifying addition that surpasses expectations.

Terrazzo Look Matte Porcelain Tile

The Terrazzo Look Matte Porcelain Tile introduces a contemporary narrative into the design lexicon. Tailored for application on both floors and walls, this versatile tile embodies an eclectic allure that seamlessly harmonizes with a diverse spectrum of design styles.

Introducing the Terrazzo Hex collection, an unprecedented fusion that intertwines the contemporary essence of Terrazzo with the distinctive geometry of a hexagonal porcelain tile. This collection embraces a palette of 7 vibrant colorways, seamlessly marrying its innate stylishness with the durability requisite for both decorative wall applications and floor tiling. Each element within this assortment boasts a distinct stone composition, rendering every piece a singular embodiment of aesthetics. Whether the pursuit is a monochromatic finesse or a contemporary burst of colors, Terrazzo Hex caters to an eclectic range of design preferences, promising a befitting solution for every discerning taste.

Mist White Polished Glass Mosaic Tile

The Mist White Polished Glass Mosaic Tile embodies the ineffable allure of mist-laden landscapes. The polished glass facade aptly captures and refracts light, conjuring an illusion of luminous radiance. Possessing remarkable versatility, this mosaic seamlessly melds with an array of spaces, imbuing them with a tranquil and hospitable ambiance that beckons to both residents and visitors alike.

Elevate your interior spaces with the captivating allure of the Flicker Iridescent Mist White mosaic. Crafted through the meticulous hot melt glass technique, these cast glass mosaics acquire exquisite cream and white tones. Their meticulous firing at elevated temperatures ensures the preservation of their distinctive picket shape. Offering an exquisite blend of form and function, these mosaics breathe new life into your walls, shower enclosures, bars, and pools. Embrace this design-forward aesthetic to infuse your surroundings with a harmonious fusion of elegance and contemporary sophistication.

Ice Rink Blue Hexagon Polished Glass Mosaic

The gleaming polished surface of this mosaic emanates an air of refined sophistication, complemented by the hexagonal configuration that introduces a spirited geometric motif. An exceptional selection for instilling a touch of opulence, this mosaic is particularly well-suited for elevating the ambiance of bathrooms and creating spa-like retreats that radiate elegance.

Elevate your eco-friendly home design to new heights through the hexagon series. Crafted from environmentally-conscious recycled polished glass, the Halcyon Ice Rink mosaic embodies a versatile hexagonal motif that imparts a sense of timelessness to spaces. This exquisite fusion of sustainability and aesthetics seamlessly complements traditional, transitional, and contemporary settings. As sustainable mosaics, they excel as eco-conscious backsplashes, and their adaptability extends to embellishing kitchens, bathrooms, showers, and fireplace surrounds, as well as creating captivating enhancements for pools and spas.

White Hexagon Polished Pearl Mosaic

The polished pearl finish exudes an aura of opulence, harmoniously juxtaposed with the hexagonal arrangement that introduces a contemporary flair. With its versatile attributes, this mosaic stands as an ideal selection for the creation of captivating focal points or the elevation of the visual allure across an array of surfaces.

Infuse your living spaces with the enchanting splendor of the ocean by embracing the luminous Serene White Pearl Hexagons Tile. A splendid choice for accent strips or kitchen backsplashes, the Mother of Pearl composition effortlessly introduces an organic, nature-inspired ambiance to your environment. Additionally, this exquisite tile imparts a timeless allure that elevates the aesthetic of your surroundings.

Note: While the Pearl tile presents an unrivaled aesthetic appeal, its installation is not advised in areas prone to water submersion, such as shower floors or pools. Prolonged exposure to water may lead to the gradual darkening of the tile’s appearance over time.

Hexagon collection

Indio Blue Foliage Hexagon Matte Porcelain Mosaic

A homage to the exquisite beauty of nature, this Hexagon Matte Porcelain Mosaic resonates with a captivating design inspired by lush foliage. Tailored for the creation of distinctive backsplashes and engaging feature walls, this mosaic serves as a conduit for bringing the tranquil essence of the outdoors into indoor spaces.

Presenting an embodiment of botanical elegance, the Bond Indio Foliage Matte Porcelain Mosaic tiles infuse an urban perspective with a gentle contemporary essence into your aesthetic space. These porcelain tiles distinctly showcase an abstract geometric motif reminiscent of leaves, complemented by a remarkable metallic luster that establishes a spirited ambiance. The profound blue hue of these tiles further intensifies their inherent audacity, offering an unorthodox and inviting interpretation within the realm of industrial decor, characterized by its uniquely warm and unconventional demeanor.

White Hexagon Matte Ceramic Tile

The understated elegance of its matte finish imparts a sense of refined sophistication, heightened by the presence of larger hexagons that create an illusion of expanded space. Designed with meticulous consideration, this tile emerges as an impeccable option for contemporary kitchens and bathroom vanities, seamlessly infusing walls and floors with a touch of elevated refinement.

Pioneering avant-garde tile aesthetics, the Exagoni Collection is an ingenious 3D ceramic series meticulously curated in two distinct colors and finishes. Redefining the realms of architecture and interior design, the emergence of 3D tiles as a prominent trend within the past years has been nothing short of remarkable. This trend’s meteoric rise promises to unleash a wave of unprecedented designs and patterns. Immerse your surroundings with a vivid visual depth and dimension that seemingly transcends the confines of the wall, making the tile a quintessential conduit to transform your space into a dynamically engaging canvas.

White Picket Polished Ceramic Tile

The gleaming polished surface adeptly captures and refracts light, introducing an illusion of depth and dimension to interiors. With an inherent propensity for making a compelling statement, this tile emerges as an ideal choice for forging distinct accents and commanding focal points within diverse interior environments.

The White 3D Picket Polished Ceramic Tile exemplifies a departure from conventional aesthetics, presenting a distinctive 3D picket shape that redefines the norm. The White Contour Ceramic Tile offers a nuanced approach to revitalizing any given space. Its elongated, picket hexagonal configuration and polished surface exemplify the remarkable versatility inherent in ceramic compositions. Whether embellishing accent walls or gracing kitchen backsplashes, this tile epitomizes the seamless fusion of form and function, imparting a distinctive touch to the feel of your distinct space.

White Hexagon Glazed Ceramic Tile

The surface of this tile, adorned with a lustrous glaze, bestows a sleek and glossy finish that augments its aesthetic allure. Tailored to the creation of modernistic backsplashes and accent walls, this tile serves as a catalyst for infusing interiors with a distinct sense of modernity, all while offering an elevated visual dimension.

Showcasing an exquisite embodiment of Old World charm, the Belcrest collection stands as an elegant assemblage of glazed clay brick. This compilation adeptly captures the architectural splendor and unadulterated aesthetics reminiscent of a past era. Positioned as an optimal selection for an extensive array of design motifs, Belcrest’s inherent versatility harmoniously complements an array of visual dynamics, ranging from contemporary to industrial aesthetics. Furthermore, its adaptability extends across both commercial and residential projects, making it a compelling choice that seamlessly merges historical allure with contemporary versatility.

White and Gold Hexagon Marble and Brass Mosaic Tile

Representing the pinnacle of opulence and magnificence, the White and Gold Hexagon Marble and Brass Mosaic Tile stands as a consummate embodiment of grandeur. The harmonious interplay between white marble and meticulously positioned brass inserts gives rise to an extravagant aesthetic that inherently captures attention.

The White Gold Hexagon Marble and Brass Mosaic Tile may be considered the epitome of opulent craftsmanship. This exquisite creation is meticulously composed of two sumptuously luxurious marbles: the pristine white Thassos and the opulent gold-veined Calacatta. Elegantly adorned with a striking brass-striped inlay, this tile possesses a distinct allure that beckons attention. Elevate your design narrative by incorporating this singular decorative masterpiece into spaces such as backsplashes, entryways, shower walls, and beyond. The Margo White Gold tile stands as a testament to the pursuit of artistic distinction within interior aesthetics.

Pros and Cons of Hexagon Tiles


  1. Geometric Allure: Hexagon tiles infuse spaces with a captivating geometric charm, amplifying visual intrigue.
  2. Versatile Adaptability: Hexagon tiles seamlessly assimilate into an array of design styles and environments.
  3. Artistic Arrangements: The inherent flexibility in hexagon tile layouts enables the creation of intricate and imaginative patterns.
  4. Spatial Illusion: Leveraging their unique configuration, hexagon tiles can ingeniously craft optical illusions that impart a sense of spaciousness to interiors.


  1. The Intricacy of Installation: The interlocking design of hexagon tiles demands meticulous attention during the installation process.
  2. Grout Line Management: The abundance of grout lines within hexagon tile installations may necessitate heightened maintenance considerations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean and maintain hexagon tiles?

Employing routine sweeping and mopping, along with the usage of pH-neutral cleansers, will effectively preserve the cleanliness of hexagon tiles. It is recommended to steer clear of abrasive cleaning agents that could potentially compromise surface integrity.

Can I create custom patterns with hexagon tiles?

Yes, hexagon tiles provide an expansive realm for cultivating bespoke patterns, allowing conceiving imaginative arrangements that align seamlessly with your distinct design aspirations.

Do hexagon tiles work in small spaces?

Yes, hexagon tiles possess the capacity to visually enlarge limited spaces by their interconnected layout, rendering them an apt choice for such environments. If you’re curious about how hexagon tiles might look in your small space, we also offer sample tiles that you can explore before making a decision.

In a Nutshell

The integration of hexagon tiles into interior design embodies a harmonious fusion of geometry and style. Ranging from the timeless opulence of Calacatta marble to the modern allure of terrazzo aesthetics, each tile serves as an individual canvas for artistic expression. As interior spaces evolve, hexagon tiles persist in their role as boundary-defying elements, constructing compelling narratives that enhance aesthetics and invigorate surroundings. For more information or inquiries about how to incorporate these exquisite tiles into your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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