The spice of life can be found in the multiplicity of colors that the  tile design world offers. If you’re looking to brighten up your home, colorful or patterned tiles are an easy way to do so. Today we go through several different options of bright tiles that prove this to be true. 

White Kitchen Tiles 

Bellami Triangulo Bianco 5x4 Glossy Ceramic Tile shown in kitchen above counter tops and as sink backsplash - wall only tile
Featured Tile: Bellami Triangulo Bianco Ceramic Tile | Design By: Bloom Style Design

Basic no more. White tiles come in an influx of shapes, styles, and patterns now thanks to the advancements in tile creation. As can be seen in this kitchen’s design, the use of a white triangular tile provides seamless movement and a modern aesthetic thanks to the tile pattern it creates.

More White Tile Options 

Classic Blue Tiles 

Diesel Camp Blue Rock 4x12 Ceramic Wall Tile shown on bathroom wall full height
Featured Tile: Diesel Camp Blue Tile | Design By: Made Collective

This year Pantone named Classic Blue the color of the year, and there’s little wonder why. The hue brings a sense of depth and inherent excitement into any design, as acknowledged in the above design that simply stuns by use of a traditional blue subway tile

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Green Tiles

Seaport Chameleon 2x10 Polished Ceramic Tile shown on bathroom wall half way up wall
Featured Tile: Seaport Chameleon 2×10 Tile | Design By: IL Design Co.

Another classic, often overlooked. A green tile can add an earthy, welcoming touch to any space. Just as it did in this midcentury modern bathroom renovation. The pale key lime green color of the tile brings the space together well and creates a cohesive atmosphere that’s tantalizing. 

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Bright Patterned Floor Tiles 

Stacy Garcia Maddox Deco Cool Gray 8x8 Matte Porcelain Tile shown as a example on the bathroom floor
Featured Tile: Maddox Gray Deco Tile | Design By: Maria Branco

Tile pattern options are seemingly limitless. What’s more, they come in a variety of pigments, and vary in intensity. Even the use of a white and gray pattern creates a decidedly contemporary and synchronic design. The patterned floor tiles shown in this beautiful home captivate that very point. 

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Wild Floral Tiles  

Floral tiles instantly create an enlightening environment no matter where they are placed. Such is seen in this example where the vivacious floral print generates an immediate sense of color, and design specification. 

Uncover Floral Looks 

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