José Manuel Ferrero


Complex, Classy, Cool Kinzie

History and technology meet in the Kinzie collection, our new line of dynamic, sophisticated tiles from the innovative Spanish designer José Manuel Ferrero.

The beauty of the Kinzie collection lies in its mesmerizing simplicity. The architecturally inspired tile takes a look both back and forward. With its serene, monochromatic tones of creamy white and charcoal gray, it harks back to an 18th-century double-cloth weaving technique. And yet, the influence of modern geometrics makes it decidedly contemporary. The result is a trio of playful but minimalist patterns: a soft, concave design that can be set vertically or horizontally, a sophisticated pyramid form, and a gentle waffle pattern.

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The artist behind this innovative collection is the industrial and interior designer José Manuel Ferrero, founder of the design atelier estudi{H}ac. Ferrero, a native of Valencia, Spain, opened his studio in 2003 to pursue his passion for designing products that emphasize elegant, understated detail rendered with the fastidiousness of a Savile Row tailor. He aims for what he calls “bespoke elegance,” creating simple but meticulous and expressive designs.

In the 20 years since he founded estudi{H}ac, Ferrero has worked with companies across the globe and has won numerous awards for both product design and interior design. We’re honored to count the acclaimed designer’s work among our offerings.

In Kinzie, Ferrero translates timeless designs—simple, concave fluting that calls to mind ancient Greek columns, the classic pyramid shape, and the soft waffle pattern reminiscent of the piqué cottons first created in England in the 1700s. It’s a collection that soothes both the eye and the soul. Kinzie’s hallmark, says Ferrero, is “texture that moves along with us, generating a peaceful atmosphere, both visually and to the touch.”

The Kinzie collection’s large-format matte ceramic tile, in 4-by-16-inch and 8-by-16-inch sizes, is pre-scored for ease of installation and perfectly spaced grout lines. It makes a sophisticated statement anywhere: the backsplash in a modern, streamlined kitchen; an accent wall in the foyer; or in the shower for a spa-like atmosphere.