Style Revival:
Everything Old is New Again

Timeless Tiles That Honor the Past

While many design trends come and go, some have a way of resurfacing after a while (sometimes after only a few years) in fresh and exciting new ways.

We’re still seeing a boom in vintage-inspired decor, and styles that call to mind memorable design movements. Tried-and-true styles, like subways and mosaics , are being reinterpreted in new patterns and finishes. Refreshed designs and new-fashioned classics are having a moment.

From the bold geometric appeal of Art Deco to the soft palettes of the 60s, here’s a look at some tile style revivals you’re sure to love.


A Blond Moment: Kenridge Chevron Maple in a Matte Finish

Realistically rendered with natural maple tones and grain details, this unique porcelain tile reimagines blond wood flooring that defined so many homes in the Mad Men era. Kenridge has a more sophisticated, refined look. At 24-by-48 inches, this oversized, modern chevron pattern can easily warm and brighten a space with its light hues and wood-like texture. It’s suitable for both wall and floor applications, pairing the natural character of wood with the durability and easy care of porcelain tile.


The Mini-Hex, Modernized: Sasha Hex Chiazza Marino Porcelain Hexagon Tile

Popularized in the post-war era, the mini hexagon is one of our most recognizable tile designs. Both practical and decorative, this classic six-sided format easily elevates a room. Our Sasha Hex Chiazzo porcelain tile reinvents the mini hex with a new, unexpected finish and modern versatility. Each tile is sized at six inches, and finished in a matte denim blue with an ombre effect that gives the appearance of stone. The look is natural and timeless, allowing for broad applications and design possibilities.


A Dash of Deco: Parry Blue Glossy Ceramic Tile

A modern take on the subway tile, Parry blends familiar Art Deco forms and emerges as a fresh option for today. Its elongated arched pattern echoes the scalloped style of the Moorish fish-scale pattern, but with the cleaner lines of a picket tile for a more contemporary feel. In a soft, neutral blue and glossy finish, this distinctive ceramic tile adds a sophisticated sheen to backsplashes and walls with a hint of 50s nostalgia.


A Nod to Mod: Tau Blanco Matte Porcelain Tile

The iconic starburst of the atomic age is reborn in a surprising, sophisticated way in our Tao Blanco tile. Inspired by the decorative motifs of Mediterranean design, the striking pattern in black and white offers a classic-yet-modern look that will instantly transform a room. While the design leans modern, the tile’s matte finish and uneven edges give it a natural, unrefined vibe of handmade and traditional tiles.


Pattern Replay: Bella Moma Porcelain Tile

Reminiscent of the vintage flooring and floorcloths of the 30s, this bold and aptly named “Bella” tile adds a beautiful, modern touch to any space. Its contemporary Moroccan pattern is rendered as a concrete-like matte porcelain, giving it a natural, unpolished finish. In the soft blue, white and gray colorway, Bella Moma exudes a soothing yet lively look that complements many styles, from coastal and traditional to decidedly modern.


Checks, Please! Art Geo Terrazzo Dos Charcoal Gray

This striking black and white tile by designer Elizabeth Sutton reinvents the classic black and white checkerboard pattern with a modern three-dimensional effect. Each tile features two triangles in black-and-white speckled terrazzo and can be installed in fours to create a large-scale check. They can also be arranged in different orientations and mixed with other tiles from Sutton’s Art Geo collection to create countless other eye-catching patterns.


Back to Black: Art Geo Cement Black

Black square tiles are as timeless as the little black dress and can make a bold, sophisticated statement unlike any other design element. Crafted in Spain to replicate the surface of concrete tile, Art Geo in cement black brings all the impact and sleek appeal of modern design without the high-fashion gloss. Also available in blue and gray, this timeless tile series can be mixed to create other patterns to complement your style.