A brand new year is finally here and TileBar is excited to share the upcoming tile trends 2021 will bring your way! Just like last year, we work tirelessly with our industry partners across the globe and the most influential names in the design world to create collections that inspire great spaces.

So what can you expect to see in 2021? What are the bathroom tile trends to expect? How about kitchen backsplash trends? Thanks to the challenges of the past year, many of us now understand that our environment and the materials that surround us matter. As we look to the future, quality and personal statement are at the forefront of what we bring to you this year. Whether you’re looking to remodel a bathroom, or something a little different, saturated colors and bold, daring patterns are leading the way in personalizing spaces. You will be grounding yourself in earthy stones and terrazzo looks with a modern flair and get ready to feel anything but blue with luxurious azure-toned marble looks

Find inspiration with the following collections meant to inspire your best year yet: (Want to learn what the trends of 2020? Check those out here).


Find lively and saturated shades of color inspired by the rich beauty of the Mediterranean. These collections bring the world of color to your door.


Brilliant patterns, customizable combinations, and new and exciting material mixes allow for the ultimate form of self-expression. Break free from expectation with a bold choice.


Crisp, modern patterns overlay onto clean and neutral colors to create a look that can stretch from mid-century mod to contemporary wow.


Forged from the earth, these sleek stone looks ground any space, and the latest terrazzo looks still stand the test of time.   


A stunning choice of blue marble looks and stones extend beyond classic to legendary. These decadent blue hues make every space a luxurious retreat and everyday a spa day.