Today we’re taking a deeper look at wood look tiles, a stylish alternative to real wood in your home. We’ll be looking at some of their practical pros and how you can use some of our collections in your home. 

For an introduction to wood look tiles, you can read our quick guide here.

Why Use a Wood Look Tile?

Wood look tiles are durable, sustainable alternatives to real wood. They’re more resistant to scratches, damage, water and will last longer in their intended state than real wood. 

If you’re an allergy sufferer they can be extremely useful too as they won’t harbor dust and animal hairs as a normal wooden panel will. It’s also particularly useful for pet owners who will find it much easier to clean if your beloved pet has an accident. 

They are also easier to maintain in general, you won’t need to treat or polish them over time, just use a standard mop or sponge and soapy water to keep them clean. 

Authenticity and Style

A long wood look flooring tile, the Dujour Natural Ember, used on a wall behind a chair.

A long wood look flooring tile such as the Dujour Natural Ember or Daylight Natural combines an authentic tactile feel with a modern finish to add that degree of gravitas and expression to any room. By using tiles like these on walls or floors you can get a feel of antiquity while maintaining durability around the home. 

Tiles such as the Kenridge Maple which mimic real maple wood can be applied to any room to express a traditional look while keeping your home feel inviting and open with its pale color.

Consider a mix of grains or styles across the walls and floors to add variation to your room while keeping a theme throughout. 

Tileist Tip: Use a lighter shade of tile in a living room to make it feel more traditionally welcoming. 

Will Wood Look Tiles Suit A Modern Design?

Modern Wood Look Tiles shown on floor. Bright wood. Grey colour.

If you’ve got a neutral-colored, contemporary, or minimalist aesthetic then a wood look tile can be just the thing to accent and highlight the elegance of your rooms.

A gray tile such as the Brazilian Coyote will bring an exciting new attribute to your room with its unique style, inspired by exotic New Zealand wood that has remained underground for thousands of years. The grain detail and elegant style are perfect for rooms that deserve a touch of class but want to support it with a contemporary feel. 

Tileist Tip: Monochrome storage units look great when accented with neutral-colored floor tiles, perfect for a modern bedroom or living room.

Where Can I Use Wood Look Tiles?

Small square wood look tiles used on shower floor around circular drain.

The water-resistant nature of wood look tiles means that you can use them in places where you’d normally be restricted by real wood. Backsplash tiles in the bathroom or kitchen can add a rustic feel, visually warming the room and breathing new life into it. 

A smaller mosaic wood tile like the Willow Sant’Elena is great for surrounding a bathroom mirror with a natural appeal, while a larger square tile like the currently trending Barberry Decor in cherry, with its subtle knots and graining, is great near the oven to add a farmhouse vibe to your kitchen.

Tileist Tip: Revitalise the bathroom by adding ceramic wood tiles to the wall nearest the bath, bringing effortless nobility to the room.

Improvements in printing mean that you should be able to find whatever wood style you want, replicated in hard-wearing and easy to maintain tiles.

For more ideas on how to use wood look tiles in your home why not visit our mood boards and get inspired today.