Mirror tiles can be just the thing to bring a unique, bold look to a room, whether it’s brightening up a bathroom with little natural light or bringing some more personality to your kitchen.  Take a look below at some of the ways you can use mirror tiles in your rooms to bring them to life.

Shine, Sparkles, and Space

Paris Gray Beveled 4x12 Antique Mirror Subway Tile for Wall used in a kitchen bar setting. There is an infinity mirror effect.

A classic looking mirror tile, the long 4 x 12 Paris Gray bevelled tile is perfect for making your rooms look more spacious. These types of tile are great for use in a bathroom where natural light can be limited and their elegant but versatile design can be applied to your walls to revitalize the look and feel of the whole room. Perfect for those who are looking for a dramatic effect from a simple design.

Tileist Tip: Use these tiles around a bathroom mirror to add extra light to the room.

Focal Points and Feature Walls

Beveled Paris Gray Hexagon Antique Mirror Tile used in kitchen above counter top as a backsplash.

Shaped tiles can be used to bring some timeless charm to your home and are perfect for highlighting areas in the house you want to draw attention to. Versatile hexagon tiles are ideal as a focal point to draw the eye; perhaps a wine storage area in the kitchen or an eye-catching feature wall in the living room, using mirror tiles for your wall is a stylish display of grace. 

Tileist Tip: Use these tiles at a drinks storage area to add some vintage elegance.

Time Travel With Tiles

Vilna Oro 6x18 Antique Mirror Subway Tile for Wall shown in a dining setting. It looks very luxurious.

If your home design project is taking you towards a shabby chic or more antique look then mirror tiles like the Vilna Oro collection are just the thing to add that feel of antiquity in a modern setting. A distressed look and a darker hue can be used in a room to give that old-world feel, while still maintaining good light around the room from the reflective surfaces. These types of mirror tiles can be used in a mosaic style also to add some visual depth to a room.

Tileist Tip: A dark-hued mirrored tile backsplash in the kitchen can bring a Victorian aesthetic to your cooking area.

Blend Different Styles

Small mirrored tiles in more of a lantern shape shown up close.

You don’t always need to go for a full mirrored tile, a blended tile such as the Verdana Lunar mix of antique mirror and quartz present an elegant design that can bring character to a room. The even rhythms and textures draw the eye, while the smooth mosaic lines are subtle so they don’t dominate the feel of a room. 

Blending mirror with other materials is ideal when a full mirrored tile may be too much for a room, or when you want to highlight features of a room without drowning out other room elements.

Tileist Tip: Enjoy relaxing patterns with a blended mirror tile while you cook by adding these to your kitchen.

Show Your Personality

Live Free Marble & Mirror Tile shown on a sink unit. The live free design is a large black skull and crossbones with mirrored eyes.

Taking the leap and using mirror tiles is a fantastic way to display your personality around the home. Strong designs like the Live Free marble and mirror tiles for example are ideal for displaying that goth chic feel around the house. 

Perhaps you’re looking to add some overseas inspiration to your rooms? An arabesque design like the Veranda Lunar which blends quartz and antique mirror can bring an elegant Moroccan feel to the kitchen while keeping the room feeling light and spacious. 

Equally, the Kelli Ellos tiles are striking, confident and classy. Their strong geometric design is just right for someone who wants to display their strong personality in the home with just a touch of added glamour to top it all off. 

Don’t be afraid to be bold when choosing a mirror tile, a subtle curving design or a strong straight line can show off who you are while adding light to your rooms, making them more welcoming and spacious.

Tileist Tip: Think outside the bathroom and kitchen! A gaming room or study are great places for bold designs to shine.

Tiles That Look Like Mirror

Frosted mirrored glass featured in the bathroom on the wall as a backsplash above the sink unit.
Courtesy of Jerrica Zaric Interior Design

Finally, it is worth considering tiles which aren’t ‘true’ mirror tiles but give that mirrored feel, especially if you’re tiling areas such as a shower or pool, where tiles that are more resistant to alkalis and water are required. 

The Requiem collection for example is a range of metallic-look tiles that blend classic and mid-century aesthetics to produce a fantastic avant-garde design. For most bathrooms, the platinum will complement most traditional fittings, while the gold is well-suited as a feature wall in a bathroom which features bright colours like blues and teals.

Tiles such as this also work well with rich, dark colours like emerald green, burgundy or even a deep purple and can add an ultra-modern aesthetic to any room. They can turn your home into a true piece of art and are perfect if you want to create something like a feature wall to really draw the eye to your stunning choice. 

Tileist Tip: Use a copper look tile in a kitchen with black worktops or fittings for a beautiful contemporary style.