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Nabi Sprig Deep Emerald Marble and Ceramic Tile
True Terrazzo Kashmir Beige 16×16 Polished Terrazzo Tile

More than a trend, wellness has evolved into a long-term lifestyle movement. We’ve never been more mindful of our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being—and this includes how our homes make us feel. Designers, after all, have long known that our surroundings—the colors, materials, textures, and styles that most appeal to us—have a deep connection to our emotions. Increasingly, we’re choosing design elements that honor nature and that nurture and protect our planet. It makes us feel good in body, mind, and spirit.

Within the home, natural materials (and eco-friendly manufactured materials that look like they came from nature) are in evidence everywhere. Organic and sustainable products in colors, textures, and patterns that take their cue from the living world are front-and-center.

At TileBar, we offer collections that forge a bond between the built and natural worlds. Choose something as direct as a vibrant floral mosaic for fresh energy in the kitchen or bath; or go with something subtle, such as a tile reminiscent of leaves waving in a gentle breeze. Natural stone in colors inspired by nature’s hues—from earthy neutrals and glowing jewel tones to the shades of sea and sky—creates a soothing environment in your home, no matter how busy life gets.

Wildflower Blue Note Bardiglio and Carrara Polished Marble Tile
Nature Micro Blend Pebble Mosaic
Nabi Sprig Gunmetal Marble and Ceramic Tile

Even manufactured products are designed to feed our passion for wellness. Luxury vinyl tile brings home the rich look of natural stone and wood, yet is a budget-friendly, eco-friendly, and sustainable alternative.

Moxy XL Mushroom 9×72 Rigid Core Click Plank Flooring
Hudson Lenox Loose Lay 6×48 LVT

Here are some of our favorite nature-inspired tiles:


Nothing lifts the spirits like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Wildflower is an exotic beauty set in marble. As the light changes throughout the day, this mosaic tile comes alive with a sense of movement, like the sway of wildflowers in a meadow on a summer’s day. Set it blooming on a backsplash, as an accent wall, or around the fireplace. Wildflower is available in four colorways: Horizon Black and White, Blue Note, Pale Oak Beige, and Winds Breath White, each fresher than the next.

Nabi Sprig

Take inspiration from the Danish and add more hygge to your surroundings. The hygge way of life promotes well-being and contentment, as does Nabi Sprig, a collection of stylized tiles with a crackle finish. Calling to mind long stems of slender leaves, Nabi Sprig’s pattern adds subtle, soothing movement to your walls. Nabi Sprig is available in a palette of six nature-inspired colors, including Arctic Blue, Deep Emerald, Glacier White, Gunmetal, Sea Wind, Tundra, and dramatic Metallic Copper.

True Terrazzo

There’s a reason why we call things that are permanent “set in stone.” Stone endures forever, making us feel safe and secure, grounded—both figuratively and literally—to Earth. Bring that sense of comfort home with our natural stone collections, including True Terrazzo, a versatile tile that’s gorgeous indoors, but sturdy enough for outdoor use. The 16-by-16-inch squares are crafted of cement embedded with bits of stone, granite, and glass and polished for a smooth look and feel. Mix it up with four subtle colorways monochromatic style or a modern color statement.

Nature Collection

Stone worn smooth from tumbling along a riverbed is irresistible to the touch. Equally irresistible: Our Nature Collection, a rustic but luxurious assortment of mosaic tiles that uses a pastiche of honed pebbles and pieces of marble to create a textural landscape in the subtle hues of river rock. Indoors, it’s a natural for giving the bath a spa-like feel. Outdoors, its organic look helps tie the terrace or the pool to the surrounding landscape.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Our Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) does wood and stone one better, looking rich and natural—with the added benefit of being eco-friendly and sustainable. LVT is easy to install, waterproof, and resistant to scratches, scuffs, and stains. And because TileBar’s LVT is free of metals and low in VOCs, it’s also a safe, healthy choice. We offer a host of authentic-looking wood and stone LVT flooring.

Get the luxe look of genuine wood and all its nuanced shading with Moxy XL. Extra-large, 9-by-72-inch planks and Rigid Core Click installation makes it simple to install quickly. Your new wood-look floors will be the envy of the neighborhood in no time at all. Moxy luxury vinyl flooring provides the beauty, durability, and versatility of wood, with easy-care maintenance that will free you up to do the things you enjoy—yoga class, anyone? Enjoy the perks of hardworking vinyl with the beauty of natural wood, in nine realistic colorways.

Hudson LVT is an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to hardwood that looks like it’s fresh from the forest. For ease of installation, choose from two options: Rigid Core Click, the single-day, no-glue-required choice; or the VersaLay,™ system, which allows you to loose-lay your tile, secure it with perimeter adhesive, or glue down the entire floor. An added advantage over wood:  It’s thicker and more pliable, it feels soft underfoot, and it absorbs sound.

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