When it comes to your home office space, you want it to not only motivate you but also be a slight sanctuary to go to when you need to focus (especially in times like now when you’re working from home). What better way to have that happen than to ensure it’s styled exactly how you like, down to the flooring? To help you get the office space of your dreams, today we’re going to walk through how to choose the best home office flooring. Be prepared for us to provide you with several inspirational styles (overwhelm of sights is normal, don’t worry!).

Before we dive in and tell you about the home office floor tiles, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re designing your perfect space. 

First, you should be sure that you’re scoping out the rest of the area. What kind of design is currently in place? What is the color/tone of the furniture used? Since you don’t want to redo the entire space (most likely), you’ll want to keep in mind the overall aesthetics. In doing this, you will be able to find the best flooring for your home office. 

Image of a tape measure with white background

Next, it’s also very important to measure your space before getting started. Knowledge is power and a saver of money, or so we say. It’s important to accurately get a calculation for square footage before going on a hunt for tile. This way you can find the right tile in your budget easily (and we promise, we have a huge selection for all budgets!). 

Okay last point before we get to the inspiration; you should always make sure that you order a little extra of the tile. Why? Things happen. Being prepared will help save you costs down the road, or in the very least, know that if a tile style sells out, you’re covered. 

Now let’s get into the heart of the matter: Inspiration!

Keep It Simple With Carpet/Fabric Look Floor Tile

Sure, carpeting has a soothing nature about it since all fabric does…But you know what’s worse than stains on carpeting? Pet smells. You know what’s worse than pet smells on carpeting? Cleaning it. 

What if we told you that you could have all the beauty of carpet without the icky stuff? Would you love us? We hope so, because you can. Carpet-look and fabric-look floor tile are the perfect addition to any home office space since they have subtle (or sometimes dramatic) texturing and coloring that is on par with traditional fabric flooring. 

Yet, since these tiles are made from porcelain, oh my, are they both low maintenance and easy-to-clean. A few steps and boom, you have shiny floors again. Don’t believe us? Read our post here on Cleaning Porcelain Tile.  No need to invest in expensive steaming equipment, ever again.

Add A Natural Touch With Wood Look Floor Tile

What if you’re more of say, a wood person? You love the feel of the graininess under your feet, the natural warmth it brings, and the “homey” look? Well, luckily, you can still have that with wood-look porcelain tiles, and be happy to know you achieve that look without harming Mother Earth. Oh yeah, they’re sustainable. So, you can celebrate next Earth Day knowing you did good. 

Natural wood-look porcelain is a stunning option that replicates the look and feel of wood flooring. This type makes a perfect home office flooring idea for those that want to stick to traditional designs or crave a natural touch. Thanks to the advancements in porcelain, wood porcelain tile is no longer average. It will seriously fool the eyes and the hands with the texture, as well as the surface feel it has. 

Want to learn even more about this tile style for your home office?  Check out our post here on all things wood-look porcelain. 

Step Up Sophistication with Marble Look Floor Tile

There’s something just timelessly elegant about natural stone, isn’t it? From the luxe veining to the crispness of its appearance, it immediately creates an air of sophistication wherever its placed.

However, natural stone can require a lot of upkeep, and for an area that is asking you to uh, work, you may not want that since it isn’t ideal. So, what are you to do if you crave yourself some beautiful natural stone but don’t want to deal with the cleaning of it? 

You go for natural-stone look porcelain tile, of course! These pieces replicate the intrinsic beauty that is natural stone. Yet, they are far more durable than the latter and they don’t require sealing (and resealing) to maintain the gorgeousness. 

Now that you’ve been inspired (or so we hope), you’re probably ready to start taking the time to ideate your home office. In case you need just a little more inspiration, feel free to browse our rich content gallery of past projects to get more ideas.