You’ve bought yourself some nice, beautiful glass tiles and it’s time for you to install them. If you’re not sure how to cut glass tile or where to start, our quick guide on cutting glass tiles with wheeled tile nippers will ease your worries and save you some stress in the process. If you prefer to read our machine method then you can do so here.

If you find yourself with a smaller tiling project or have a bit more time to devote to a more manual method, then using wheeled tile nippers is a go for you. 

This tool looks similar to a pair of pliers, but its head has two metal wheels at the end. The handles are usually made from rubber so that your hands don’t get sore or slippery when cutting tiles. 

Unlike the cost of a wet saw, a pair of wheeled nippers won’t set you back more than $15.

Note: You’ll want to buy an actual pair of running pliers as well to perfect this cutting method.

Before you eagerly dive into the cutting process, make sure to be prepared. Here’s what you’ll need to have an effective glass tile cutting session. 

  • Washable Marker 
  • Manual Wheeled Tile Nippers
  • Running Pliers 
  • Cloth

  1. Mark Your Cut

    For this step, place your mosaic on a flat surface (upward), and with the washable marker, draw a cut line. Then, cover the line with a ruler. Take the wheel, placing it at the far end of the mosaic and pull it toward you. It should create a line on the surface of the tile.

  2. Use Pliers To Finish The Cut

    Once you’ve scored your tile, it’s time to cut it. Take your running pliers and place them directly on one end of your scored line. Press down. Even pressure will be distributed and the glass tile will split along the line for a clean cut.

  3. Smooth If Needed

    Since this is a manual process, there’s a chance that you’ll have some uneven edges. Use a stone or the likes to smooth the edges out. 
    There you have it! The two key ways to cut glass tile for your space. No longer will you have to panic when installing glass tiles yourself.

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