In this how to article we teach you how to install porcelain pavers – raised pedestal installation.
Please note that this method is rated for pedestrian foot traffic, so please review your paver installation instructions and consult a professional if you need an installation that can withstand heavier traffic like cars.

It’s important to remember that all raised pedestal paver installations should be on a solid substrate like concrete that is properly sloped away from buildings and others areas to ensure adequate drainage


  1. Preparation

    Ensure that your substrate is smooth and clean with a 2 degree slope for proper drainage.

  2. Placement

    Layout your paver placement with chalk to locate the optimized location to place the pedestal supports, making sure to locate corner and border supports accordingly. Keep in mind that the supports will have a built-in spacer to ensure a 3/16” gap between pavers.

  3. Pedestals

    Place pedestals along the perimeter and then at the intersections where the pavers will lay.

  4. Lay

    Lay the pavers on top of the pedestals, making sure that the pavers are flush against porcelain pavers spacers.

  5. Alignment

    If there are any issues with alignment, the pedestal system will offer adjustable pedestals, shims, and slope correctors to allow for adjustment.

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