Though it may not feel this way, summer is upon us. To help you navigate what will be hot and trending in tile, we’ve put together the following post for you. In it, you’ll uncover the latest tile design and pattern trends that are swoon-worthy. 

Unique, Floral Tiles.

Want to add a touch of liveliness to your tile design? Then the best place to start is with the trending, unique floral tiles. Not your traditional simple blooms, these can range from luxurious marble pieces to funky, jungle-inspired large format porcelain tiles. One of our favorites for the latter listed is our Jungle Collection. It has an edgy and playful vibe to it that craves summertime.

Arabesque Tiles.

Nothing beats the Meditteranean feeling of an arabesque or lantern-shaped tile. These classic pieces get a twist on tradition this summer with brightly colored hues. Our Cavallo Collection is full of pieces with a handmade feel and Spanish flair. You’ll find they make the perfect floor tile both inside and outside your space. 

Penny Round Mosaics.

Nirvana Bliss Rimmed 1" Circles Ceramic Tile shown on the kitchen floor.
Shop Featured Tile: Nirvana Bliss Penny Round

Want to steer away from tile design trends with patterns? This one is for you. Forever popular, penny rounds will continue to be a favorite through the summer. The reason is simple: They fit nearly every design. The one thing to look out for is some more modern twists on the beloved mosaic; such-as,  a metallic version. Luckily, we have one that you can sample today (if it so piques your interest). 

Picket-Shaped Hexagon Tiles. 

If you love your hexagons, then you’re bound to love what’s in store; elongated, picket-shaped hexagons. It’s like you get an even more unique version of your favorite. There are endless varieties of these upcoming pieces, and the best part? They can come in very trendy colors and formats. One of our latest collections, Kent, showcases said variety with its contour body and bright, summer-approved hues. A great choice for backsplash tile pattern ideas this season. 

Now that we’ve covered the latest and greatest, feel free to peruse all our new arrivals and find the perfect pieces to sample at home, today!

Want to try on tile in your space before you buy anything? Allow our Room Visualizer tool to help you out.