Calacatta marble has long been admired for its beauty and luxurious look in the world of interior design. Characterized by its eye-catching white or gray background with intricate veining patterns, Calacatta marble tiles have become a highly sought-after material for various architectural projects. In this article, we will explore the origin and characteristics of Calacatta marble, including its versatility in design, and artistry usage. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of this exquisite natural stone.

Origin and Characteristics of Calacatta Marble

Calacatta marble finds its origins in the Carrara region of Italy, a place known for producing some of the world’s finest marbles. The name “Calacatta” comes from the Calacatta Borghini quarry, one of the famous quarries in the region. One of the defining characteristics of Calacatta marble is its striking veining patterns, which vary in intensity and color. The primary hues are typically white or gray, and the veins can range from soft and subtle to dramatic and bold. This natural variation adds a sense of exclusivity to each piece of Calacatta marble, making it a unique work of art.

The Versatility of Calacatta Marble

Calacatta marble’s versatility in design makes it a popular choice for various interior design projects. Its elegance complements various design styles, from classic to modern. Calacatta marble tiles are often used for flooring, kitchen countertops, bathroom walls, and vanities. The patterns and luxurious appearance instantly elevate the aesthetic of any room, while the marble’s durability ensures long-lasting performance. Additionally, these tiles are an excellent option for creating feature walls, adding an eye-catching and unforgettable focal point to any space.

Calacatta collection

1. Calacatta Gold Marble Tile

Calacatta gold marble tile is one of the most prestigious varieties of Calacatta marble. It features a white background with gold veining. The richness of the gold veins against the white background makes the Calacatta gold a popular choice for grand architecture, statement-making countertops, and high-end living spaces.

Calacatta Gold Polished Marble Subway Tile creates a luxurious and opulent appearance for your space. Its prominent gold undertones and dramatic gray veining provide endless design possibilities from contemporary to classic and is suitable for use with all wall or flooring installations. It extends to encompass various interior styles, including Classic, Contemporary, Industrial, Modern, Traditional, and Transitional. When it comes to application, Calacatta Gold marble seamlessly integrates into diverse areas, such as backsplashes, bathrooms, indoor spaces, kitchens, outdoor settings, and showers.

2. Calacatta Tuscany Marble Tile

Calacatta Tuscany is characterized by its bright white background and delicate, thin gray veining. The veins are usually soft and graceful, giving the marble a serene and sophisticated appearance. Calacatta Tuscany is often used in interior spaces to create a sense of calm and tranquility.

The intricate pattern of Calacatta Tuscany Polished Marble Mosaic Tile offers limitless design possibilities, spanning from contemporary to classic styles, and is perfectly suited for wall or flooring installations. Embrace this timeless selection to create an exquisite focal point that harmonizes seamlessly with numerous settings. The versatility of these tiles encompasses a wide range of applications, including backsplashes, floor tiles, kitchen floors, kitchen walls, wall tiles, bathroom floors, bathroom walls, shower walls, shower floors, outdoor walls, and commercial floors.

3. Calacatta Oro Marble Tile

Calacatta Oro boasts a white background with bold, dramatic gold veining. The intensity of the gold veins adds a sense of opulence and grandeur to any space. It is often used for accent pieces, feature walls, and custom sculptures, where its artistic appeal can shine.

Calacatta Oro Polished Marble Tile stands as one of the world’s rarest and most highly coveted marbles. Its defining characteristics include delicate gold and gray veining, which present endless design possibilities, catering to both contemporary and classic styles. Versatile enough for various wall and flooring installations, Calacatta Oro marble becomes the ideal choice for commercial or residential projects, offering a captivating focal point that seamlessly harmonizes with diverse settings. From backsplashes and kitchens to bathrooms, showers, and outdoor areas, the exceptional beauty of Calacatta Oro marble enhances the aesthetics of these spaces, imparting an elevated and refined ambiance.

4. Calacatta Statuario Marble Tile

The veining in this variety can be quite pronounced, creating a dramatic effect that is often associated with classical and grand design schemes. Frequently, artists use this in statues, monuments, and other intricate artistic projects.

Calacatta Statuario Polished Marble Tile elevates your home with the timeless and elegant appeal it deserves. Statuario marble is renowned for its heavy gray veining laced with thin movements that effortlessly infuse refined grace into interiors. Embracing Statuario opens up boundless design possibilities, making it an ideal choice for both commercial and residential projects.

5. Calacatta Classico Marble Tile

Calacatta Classico showcases a white background adorned with medium to thick gray veining, creating captivating patterns reminiscent of flowing rivers or tree branches. This variety of marble is a preferred choice for diverse applications, ranging from kitchen countertops to wall cladding.

Regarded as one of the world’s rarest and most sought-after marbles, Calacatta Classico Polished Marble Tile offers limitless design possibilities that cater to contemporary and classic styles alike. Its adaptability extends to various wall or flooring installations, making it an ideal selection for commercial and residential projects. With its luxurious appeal, Calacatta Classico marble serves as a perfect focal point, complementing a diverse range of settings with refined elegance.

Best Way to Clean Calacatta Marble

Proper cleaning and maintenance play a crucial role in preserving the exquisite beauty of Calacatta marble. To ensure its longevity and pristine appearance, follow these cleaning tips:

  1. Use a mild, pH-balanced cleaner: Regularly clean the marble surface with a soft cloth or mop and a mild, pH-balanced cleaner. Avoid harsh and abrasive cleaners, as they can cause damage to the marble’s surface over time.
  2. Promptly wipe up spills: Act swiftly to clean up any spills on the marble surface. Immediate attention prevents liquids from penetrating the porous marble, reducing the likelihood of stains and discoloration.
  3. Handle with care: Despite its durability, Calacatta marble can be susceptible to chipping or cracking when subjected to heavy impact. Exercise caution when moving heavy objects or using sharp tools on the marble surface; this will maintain its pristine condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Calacatta marble suitable for outdoor use?

The use of Calacatta marble in outdoor settings is not recommended. This marble variety is susceptible to weathering and discoloration when exposed to outdoor elements. Therefore, it is best to avoid using Calacatta marble in outdoor applications to preserve its integrity and appearance.

What backsplash goes with Calacatta marble?

When selecting a backsplash for Calacatta marble, consider aesthetics and balance. For white cabinetry with a Calacatta marble benchtop, a white backsplash creates a serene atmosphere, while black or brown elements enhance with contrast the overall aesthetic. With brown or wood cabinetry and an off-white Calacatta marble benchtop, intricate backsplash designs in blue, green, or orange add vibrancy to the space. Aim for a cohesive and pleasing kitchen design that highlights the beauty of Calacatta marble.

How does Calacatta marble compare to Carrara marble?

When comparing Calacatta marble to Carrara marble, one can observe notable differences in their veining patterns. Calacatta marble typically exhibits bolder and more pronounced veining, while Carrara marble showcases softer and more subtle patterns. These distinctions in veining give each marble variety its unique visual appeal and make them distinct choices for different design preferences.


The timeless elegance and luxurious appeal of Calacatta marble tiles have garnered widespread admiration from designers and homeowners. Their remarkable versatility in design and unique artistic attributes position them as a preferred choice for various interior spaces. Each variety, whether it’s the opulence of Calacatta Gold, the serenity of Calacatta Tuscany, the grandeur of Calacatta Oro, the drama of Calacatta Statuario, or the captivating patterns of Calacatta Classico, exudes its own artistic charm. Want to evaluate your space with the timeless beauty of Calacatta marble? Contact us now to explore our exquisite collection and find the perfect Calacatta marble that speaks to your aesthetic preferences.

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