A building’s entrance hall has the power to set the tone for the entire space. Whether it is a hotel lobby, a restaurant’s waiting area, or a vast retail center entrance, an impeccably designed foyer is an opportunity to sweep guests off their feet and determine the mood and spirit of the experience in the building itself.

But before you choose between a sparkling chandelier, a colorful piece of art, or a cozy bouquet of flowers for your project’s entryway, it’s important first to decide the backdrop for your design – the entryway tile. Your entryway tiles can define and elevate the space’s ambiance, serving as the anchor for the overall design.

When it comes to entryway tiles, marble floor tiles are the most popular choice for commercial buildings, from luxury offices to stylish hotels. Looking for marble entryway tile ideas for your next project? Here are a few things you need to know before you start.

Factors to Consider for Commercial Marble Entryways

Commercial Marble Entryways Hotel Lobby Marble used on floor

Marble has always been a popular building material, especially in impressive, luxurious public spaces. Revered for its natural beauty and elegance, marble evokes an immediate upscale atmosphere in any interior. Natural stone floor tiles have many advantages, but there are some things to consider before incorporating them into your entryway project.

Elegant Design

The greatest advantage of marble floor is, of course, its luxurious look: natural marble can induce a true regal feeling into any space. It is hard to replicate the unique impact of marble tiles, promised to provide a level of sophistication that complements any style or decor.

Versatility and Customization

Natural marble is a very diverse material, available in stunning color combinations and unexpected brilliant shades. Unlike most natural stones, marble can also be cut and manipulated into intricate shapes and patterns and take a variety of finishes. This versatility makes this material extremely flexible and adaptable for a range of designs and decorative schemes. 

Durability and Strength

Marble is a highly durable stone with great longevity. Most marbles are very dense and therefore low to non-absorbent, especially when polished, meaning it is tough to stain. While scratching and etching are possible, they can be very easily repaired, thanks to the strength and density of the stone.

Natural Tone Variations

Marble is a product of the earth, and therefore every piece of marble has a unique pattern. While tiling an entire floor with natural marble can be unexpected when it comes to the overall pattern, it is possible to request lot pictures of the product to get an estimated view of how the complete design would look and avoid any surprises.


Contrary to common belief, marble does not easily stain. However, many marbles are relatively soft and can scratch and etch. For that reason, softer marble might require sealing, maintenance, and repair to preserve its polished look. The good news is that most scratch marks on polished marble can be easily removed using Marble Polishing Paste.


Marble floors are a natural resource that is considered a premium design material, and therefore it is more expensive than other materials, such as porcelain or ceramic. However, the exquisite marble look is one that lasts, providing a kind of timeless elegance that is hard to match and usually serves as a long-term investment.

After learning more about the factors to consider before choosing marble floor tiles for your building entryway, let’s dive into some decor ideas that can make your guests marvel at your marble.

Classic and Refined

Nothing says grand entrance more than classic, large-format, marble floor tiling. Polished marble slabs are the epitome of elegance, creating an impactful image with simplicity, that can be incorporated in a variety of style decors, from a Classically-inspired marble temple to an ultra-modern sanctuary of design. The most popular natural marble is Carrara, thanks to its refined veining and soft gray shade. TileBar’s Catalina Carrara Marble Tile introduces a romantic and delicate visual with a smooth satin finish that provides a serene yet stunning design. One of the most coveted materials out there, Calacatta marble offers a distinctly luxurious look with bold veining and a golden tint, as seen in our Calacatta Oro Polished Marble Tile. For a bolder look, explore black marble with our Nero Marquina Polished Marble Tile, creating a dramatic and modern design statement.

Black and White

A black and white entryway is both a daring choice and a timeless classic, providing a play of bold and stylish contrast that references all the way back to Art Deco and Old Hollywood Glam. To replicate that Art Deco glamour, see our VZAG Nero Marquina Mosaic, showcasing a dramatic combination of marble and antique mirror to create a rich, luxurious aesthetic. For a more minimalist take on the classic checkered pattern, see our Cadre Ribera Polished Marble Mosaic Tile, featuring a square pattern that plays with scale and material to create a chic design. Take it up a notch with our GeoMarble Lados Nero Carrara Polished Marble Mosaic, providing a bold and dark motif that dominates a room’s aesthetic. For a modern geometric flair, explore the Havasar Classico Polished Marble Mosaic, celebrating the hexagon shape to create a 3D-cube illusion.

Artistically Bold

The entryway is an opportunity to go all-out with your interior design. With brilliant colors, whimsical patterns, and inspiring looks, you can make a bold statement in your entryway using marble floor tiles and transform your space into a one-of-a-kind work of art. The Elizabeth Sutton Collection for TileBar combines contemporary graphic patterns with fine high-graded marbles, creating dazzling visuals that embody modern Pop-Art, Elizabeth Sutton Style. Our Nola Multi Polished Marble Mosaic offers a toned-down version of a similar concept, featuring a varied mixture of jewel-toned marbles inspired by the vibrant streets of New Orleans. For a fresh, laid-back look that still steals the show, opt for our Kerrie Kelly Blue Glass & Marble Tile that channels a Miami summer resort ambiance in every season. For an urban look with a touch of glamour, see our Phantasm Marble Tile that fuses a graphic geometric design with a dynamic blend of natural stones. 

Pattern Play

Marble is one of the only natural stones that can be cut and shaped into complex patterns, and waterjet cutting provides endless pattern opportunities that create beautifully detailed designs. Our Celine Collection features a delicate design with a mix of materials that can transform a space into a Provence Manor. The Highland Alpenglow Deux Marble Tile offers a retro geometric design in a bright and warm color palette that will transport you to a 1960’s Palm Beach hotel. For a graphic and modern visual, see our Mezzo Collection, which features a unique pattern and bold color combinations.

For more inspiration you can also read our article here on marble and brass elsewhere in the home, or just get some ideas on how to combine these two luxurious looking materials.

Make a Marble Entrance

No material is as elegant, versatile, and impressive as marble, especially when it comes to commercial foyers. Explore our range of marble tiles to find the best look to elevate your project and make an unforgettable entrance.