Designer season has now taken over 2022 and it feels wonderful to see the world opening up for both fashion and design. Not only are we gathering in fabulous places again, with a newfound appreciation for anything that isn’t our own space, but we are also experiencing a renaissance of art for art’s sake. The beautiful, the bespoke, and the bawdy all have a place if they evoke positive emotion, helping to pull us all out of a pandemic-centric survival mode. We are seeing trends that speak more to the heart than the head, like when we surround ourselves in comforting colors – see 2022’s Design Trends – or add just the right touch of glamour to remind us that we are worth it.

We see all of these trends and more as we focus on the world of tile. Rather than sticking to what is safe, people are choosing what they love. Their own spaces have become a haven of finishes and textures that feel like a warm hug rather than a cold nod to “what will sell”. Maybe their choice is a lovely coral pink tile that can feel at once both retro and modern depending on their mood, or a decadent waterjet mosaic that feels like a splurg of the senses. Design choices are now about what speaks to your own personal sense of well being rather than what speaks to the rest of the world.

Designers Get Personal

The world of design couldn’t be more happy that people are choosing a more personalized approach to their space and their tile. This means more color, more texture, and more everything. Designers are always looking for an opportunity to step away from convention and create both spaces and products that will have you remembering not just a pattern, but also emotion. A great designer knows that a person can fall in love with a space, just like they can with other people, so they strive to create that emotional response. Designers know what you want because they want it, too.

Let’s explore how some of our favorite designers are going beyond what is expected to bring you a personalized experience with your tile. These artists and designers are at the forfront of style and trends, delivering some of the most talked about collections of the year.

TileBar x Elizabeth Sutton: Art Geo Collection

Elizabeth Sutton for TileBar

Elizabeth Sutton’s latest collaboration with TileBar is the Art Geo Collection, a new and vibrant pop art creation. This eye-catching porcelain line captures an encaustic look and modernizes it with Sutton’s unique artistic touch. Two geometric designs and a solid option in each color allow for countless pattern variation, as elegant blue and gray color palettes provide a grounded and sophisticated visual.

These 8” x 8” rectified porcelain tiles are available in a concrete and a terrazzo look, both offered in a modern matte finish. In this innovative line, Sutton looks back at the tradition of tiling, playing with balance, scale, and contemporary lines to add a new page in its rich history. check out the Art Geo How-To Video Guide for pattern how-to guides and inspiration.

About the Designer: Elizabeth Sutton is a New York-based artist who has exploded onto the art scene in the past few years with design and influences spanning multiple industries and media. With her talent, humor, and unapologetic approach to living life and making art, she is uplifting herself and others to become the best version of themselves.

TileBar x Angela Harris: Wilder Collection

Angela Harris for TileBar

Connect with your wild side with Wilder, the latest exclusive Angela Harris for TileBar collaboration. This botanical-themed porcelain collection embodies a unique fusion of art and nature; dynamic tropical patterns are painted on a matte-finished surface, forming an elaborate 48” x 48” tile mural constructed of 36 small-format tiles.

A fired glaze adds supreme durability to these tiles, making them suitable for any application. The curated patterns, exotic color palettes, and unique mural format allow you to introduce a wild and exciting statement piece into any space.

About the Designer: Angela Harris is an award-winning designer and product developer. As Principal & CEO of TRIO, she is a recognized innovator in the builder & developer community and her influence in the design world extends beyond her stylish spaces and trend-setting products into helping women-owned businesses flouris

TileBar x Stacy Garcia: ArtBlock Collection

Stacy Garcia for TileBar

One of New York’s most talented designers, Stacy Garcia, brings her elevated sense of style and taste to TileBar with ArtBlock, a collection of curated subway tiles. The elongated shapes and modern neutral colorways are brought to life with a mix of texture and finish, defining a modern palette of architectural statement and minimalist luxury. Trendy and sophisticated shades and multiple finish options make this collection even more versatile, offering endless design possibilities for modern and design-forward spaces.

About the Designer: Stacy Garcia has created a design empire by following her philosophy of transcending ordinary design and embracing a personalized style. A product pioneer in the design industry, her collections of tile, textiles, and beyond find a home in both the residential and commercial worlds. Her influence and brand continue to grow with TileBar as she brings her innovative touch to these tile collections that will bring a piece of customizable design directly to you.