One of the trending colors this year is green. It’s bold and it’s a statement. If you’ve been interested in bringing a transformative piece to the look and feel of your space, then there’s a large chance that the following green tiles will strike your fancy.

Green is a color that is rich with meaning, so it’s no wonder when it comes to designing with it, you’re bound to create a striking ambience. It’s associated with renewal, growth, luck, and new life. Just think about the connection between winter turning into spring: The visibility of green in nature lends way to a sense of rebirth and rejuvenation. These tie-ins are a few reasons why using green in a home redesign or renovation works wonders.

There are many ways to utilize the color – green subway tile for the kitchen or green ceramic tile for the bathroom. Today, we provide you with our top green tile options. Scroll through and let your mind wander.

Color Your Walls Like Leaves.

3D Nabi Hexagon Ceramic Tile in gem-tone emerald green used on wall

With an elongated hexagon body, the Nabi Hexagon Ceramic Tile is coated in a lovely shade of gem-tone emerald green. Its beautiful aesthetic is sure to create an impactful design on any backsplash. With its 3D shape, you’ll add a subtle sense of texture to any room.

Area for use: This tile can make a gorgeous addition as a green backsplash in the kitchen.

Stylized Vibrancy.

Ribbed, deep gem-tone Arden Cozumel Porcelain Tile used for shower tiles

With its ribbed body, and deep gem-tone coloring, the Arden Cozumel Porcelain Tile is unbeatably cool. Its style will add subtle touches of depth to your space while also breaking up the pattern making for a truly unique tiling experience.

Area for use: Want to make a real impression on your guests when they step in your bathroom? Use the Arden Cozumel as a green shower tile.

Subtle & Soothing Like A Walk Outside.

Dunmore Green 8x8 Tile by Angela Harris used in bathroom for wall tile

Jet set to a far-off destination with the Dunmore Green Tile by Angela Harris. The earthy green color with stun guests with its unfinished, aged look. This 8×8, honed red body ceramic makes for a captivating design touch on any wall or floor in your next project.

Area for use: Bring in the sense of soothing sophistication into your bathroom with these light green tiles.

Breathe Nature Into Your Space.

Lava stone Aegan Tile in green used on wall sourced from naturally forming volcanic rock

This beautiful, rich green tile is sourced from naturally forming volcanic rock. Each piece has its own unique surface with fissures and a glazed finish. Add to any bathroom backsplash or kitchen wall for a striking result.

Area for use: Use in the bathroom to bring in a quirky appeal.

Eclectic Design Approved.

Lantern shape statement worthy tile Naibi marble and ceramic used on kitchen wall

Lantern shape. Arabesque. Whichever you decide to label this style of tile is up to you, because in the end, all that matters is that it’s statement-worthy. Perfect to add to any design that craves a bit of curiosity and fluid movement.

Area for use: This Nabi Marble and Ceramic Tile will create a striking look on a backsplash, bar area, or accent wall in the home.

Infuse Life into Urban Looks.

Diesel Ribbed Industrial Glass Green Tile

The Diesel Ribbed Industrial Glass Green Tile owes its uniqueness to its bold, urban shape. The frame around the tile creates an industrial feeling that also gives the tile a distinguishing factor in any design. Plus, the soft green variants soothe down the more masculine elements of the tile.

Area for use: Create an industrially chic accent wall in your living room with this light green subway tile!

That’s a wrap on the green tiles! Do you have a favorite? Let us know below, we’d love to hear it!

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